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Inlaws Outlaws

Thu 3:30 PM , Fri 6:30 PM , Sun 12:30 PM , Mon 12:30 PM Plays with: A Conversation Between Mother Daughter

Marriage from the inside. And out. As the gay marriage debate rages on, this documentary sidesteps the pundits to reveal the extraordinary stories of ordinary couples trying to make sense of the state of modern marriage. Whether gay or straight, everyone is put on the same level playing field and asked everything they know about marriage. There's the story of two Mormon women, secretly college sweethearts until one follows the path her parents have chosen for her and marries -- with her beloved serving as her bridesmaid. There's the ex-Marine who has no idea what a happy relationship looks like until he stumbles across his future partner one night at a bar. Whether loving inside or outside of marriage, struggling to get in or suing to get out, this film cleverly weaves a collective narrative that tests our preconceptions, and explores the hallowed institution with candor, humor, and poignancy.


A Conversation Between Mother Daughter

Documentary, 7 minutes

Thu 3:30 PM , Fri 6:30 PM , Sun 12:30 PM , Mon 12:30 PM Plays with: Inlaws Outlaws

A daughter&

s raw and personal discussion about her sexuality with her mother is presented in an experimental format. The mulit-layered soundtrack uses an actual recorded phone conversation, while a collage of images draws the viewer into this voyeuristic journey.


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