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Showing at the Varsity

Soul of Justice

Thu 3:40 PM , Fri 10:10 AM , Sat 6:40 PM Plays with: Note of Triumph, A

A story of race, identity and responsibility - the life of Thelton Henderson, a 70 year old African American federal judge. Henderson&

s experience as the son of a domestic worker, to his appointment as the first black attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and later to his appointment to the bench as the only black federal judge. Judge Henderson&

s ruling that Proposition 209, which outlawed affirmative action in California, was unconstitutional resulted in calls for his impeachment in Congress. He established U.S. dolphin-protection rules for tuna fishing resulting in the "dolphin safe" label. His effort to reform health care in the California Department of Corrections found neglect and mistreatment of California's prisoners that violated the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. In February 2006 he appointed a federal receiver and ordered that everybody up to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger "shall fully cooperate." This film explores the universal concern of making principled decisions in difficult times.


A Note of Triumph

Documentary 40 minutes

Thu 3:40 PM , Fri 10:10 AM , Sat 6:40 PM Plays with: Soul of Justice

Directed by Eric Simonson

This film, while slow to build, brings to light a remarkable, luminous event: on the evening of May 5th, VE day, Norman Corwin presented a radio program that captured the nation. The broadcast, &

A Note of Triumph,&

marked the end of the war in Europe. The words, written by Corwin, that emanated from his studio in New York City, were eloquent and moving and electric. His broadcast represented the &

Golden Age of Radio,&

an age that would all too soon be eclipsed by television. But for one shining moment there was Corwin and the power of the spoken word, written to be heard, artful and unequaled.

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