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Showing at the Varsity

A Dios Momo

Feature 109 minutes

Fri 6:40 PM, Sun 6:40 PM, Mon 10:10 AM

Directed by Leonardo Ricagni

Starring Mathias Acuna and Jorge Esmoris

A young street boy, Obdulio, rises early each morning and goes to a kiosk where he picks up his newspaper which he will sell on the streets of a large Uruguayan port city We soon learn that Obdulio cannot read the papers he sells and insists that he doesn&

t want to go to school, but wants to work to help his grandmother The small boy is a marvel, endearing, filled with a tenacious drive and purpose But his life is about to change when he meets a magical &


who tells him he is a night watchman in a newspaper office &

Adios Momo&

is wonderfully imagined, delightful in every way, blended with the mystical nights of the Uruguayan Carnival, which is the world&

s longest running celebration


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