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Showing at the Varsity

Locals Only - Free program - tickets distributed day of show

Thu 12:00 p.m., Mon 9:30 a.m.

Again the aiff presents a free block of films, all produced by local filmmakers&

mostly with local cast, crew and locations. This year the program features two of the winners of The Launch, our inaugural student film; a film from a returning Southern Oregon University student filmmaker; another student production featuring Oregon Shakespeare Festival actors; a documentary produced by Southern Oregon Public Television, and a short featuring Michael Cera from TV&

s Arrested Development.

Roseburg Blast: Documentary, 27 minutes

ABC National Correspondent Barry Serafin was a teenage in Roseburg at the time of &

the blast.&

He narrates this documentary about the event that shook his house and the life of his town in one of the worst disasters in the history of small-town America. Late August 6th, 1959, a delivery truck loaded with six-and-a-half tons of dynamite and a blasting agent, drove into the core of this Southern Oregon town and parked. A few hours later, at 1:14 a.m., a small fire broke out nearby, and within minutes the truck itself exploded. Rescue workers rushed to the scene to respond to the original fire, only to be the first casualties of the explosion itself. When the firestorm was finally controlled, 13 people were dead and 125 injured. Out of this catastrophe came ordinary heroes: people who gave everything, sometimes even their lives, to save their family, friends, and their home town.

Absorbed: Short Film, 12 minutes

Directed by: Clint Bowers

Southern Oregon University student Bowers crafts a powerful, thoughtful film about the extremes a man will go to in the face of tragedy. With an entire cast and crew of SOU students, &


tells a compelling story of personal ideology and his violent reactions.

Despite only a $20 budget and a five-week shooting period, the cinematography looks great and the acting is done quite well.

Darling Darling: Short Film, 14 minutes

Harold (Michael Cera of Emmy® winning Arrested Development) is faced with the daunting task of picking up his date for the high school dance. Amidst the rubble and decay of modern American suburbia, Harold must do his best to make a good first impression on the eccentric Mr. Darling against a series of somewhat unforeseen events. Director Matthew Lessner was raised in Southern Oregon.

Keep Towing That Line: Documentary, 8 minutes

A moving account of the 2005 civil disobedience campaign to save the extraordinary old growth forests of SW Oregon's Siskiyou Mountains from the largest logging project in US Forest Service history. Recently deceased, legendary local activist Joan Norman provides an inspirational narrative of her experience as an elderly woman who spent two weeks in jail for trying to stop logging crews from entering the Biscuit salvage area.

Luck: Short Film, 5 minutes

Directed by: Nisha Burton

Ashland High School student Burton presents a clever telling of the main character&

s day: the story is told through the point of view of the characters&


A teenager goes through possibly the worst day ever, only to find a little bit of silver lining at the end. This film was scripted, prepped and shot in two weeks.

Oil: The Hummer Diaries: Short Film, 5 minutes

The middle school winner of the aiff&

s student film competition, The Launch. Former Ashland Middle School student Noah Phillips-Edwards, made his short film Oil: The Hummer Diaries, as an 8th grade school assignment. The &

narrative piece&

says Phillips-Edwards is about &

where oil comes from and how we use it.&

The high level of Phillips-Edwards animation and humor are evident in this work as well as his other official 2006 aiff selection, Feliz Gravitas: The Story of Isaac Newton (p. ).

Summer Son: Short Film, 17 minutes

Filmed on location at Lake of the Woods, Oregon, this story follows a young boy as he struggles through his summer vacation with his father. Tension builds daily as he begins to project his feelings of animosity toward his stepmother. When communication lines break down completely, the boy must do something drastic in order to get his parents' attention. Cast includes Oregon Shakespeare Festival actors.

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