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Showing at the Varsity

The Devil's Miner

Feature 82 minutes

Thu 9:30 PM , Fri 3:30 PM , Sat 12:30 PM , Sun 6:30 PM

Directed by Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani

Basilio Vargas, 14-years-old, lives at 14,000 feet with his mother and two siblings Every day he goes into the Cerro Rico silver mines to work This moving and stark film captures the essence of one child&

s life as he labors in the deep pits while hungering for an education It is a remarkable story, a window into a reality that would have remained closed except for &

The Devil&

s Miner&

It is also a mixture of faith and superstition, of a people resigned to the sad fact that by working deep within the Cerro Rico they will shorten their lives by half, their lungs eventually destroyed from breathing the toxic dust created from the machinery and drilling


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