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Showing at the Varsity

The Undeserved

Thu 6:30 PM , Fri 12:30 PM , Sat 9:30 PM , Sun 3:30 PM

On the surface, the town of Athens, Vermont, might seem like any rural New England hamlet that's home to salt-of-the-earth locals and a progressive school for at-risk and gifted students. Look beneath the placid exterior, however, and you're apt to find any number of less-than-saintly activities. Screenwriter turned filmmaker Brad Coley plunges viewers into a world where everyone an Hispanic college-bound prodigy, his perpetually screwed-up best friend, a lecherous teacher, the pretty blond girl who suddenly leaves town&

harbors dark secrets. Like a New England version of Twin Peaks this drama slowly turns a quaint portrait of northeastern living into an American Gothic nightmare where the mysteries keep unraveling layer upon layer until the dramatic conclusion. [adult content, language, violence]


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