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Showing at the Varsity

Burning Man:Beyond Black Rock

Sat 9:00 PM, Sun 3:00 PM, Mon 6:00 PM Plays with: Joyride

Directed by Damon Brown

This film offers the opportunity to step behind the scenes and view the enormous preparation and logistical planning that goes into the yearly event called Burning Man Though the event lasts seven days, and has the appearance of an ad hoc gathering of thousands of artists and hipsters, tourists and the curious, it is in fact the result of thousands of hours of preparation and careful planning While there are countless interviews with the staff and the founder of Burning Man, what makes &

Burning Man&

compelling are the people who attend, and the artists who bring their creations It is they who give this documentary its unique texture



Short 5 minutes

Sat 9:00 PM, Sun 3:00 PM, Mon 6:00 PM Plays with: Burning Man:Beyond Black Rock

Directed by: John Cerna

Combine amazing animation with great music and a strong message and &


becomes a hilarious blast

Set to Queen&

s &

Bicycle Race,&

this story addresses every social, political and economic problem in the country and makes a great point about individual choices It is also very funny along the way


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