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Showing at the Varsity

Hand Of God

Fri 9:40 AM , Sat 12:10 PM, Sun 3:10 PM, Mon 6:10 PM

A unique look at Catholic clergy abuse, told from the perspective of a survivor (Paul Cultrera, director Joe Cultrera&

s brother) and his family. It burrows into hiding spots where comfort was found, trust was built and vulnerability created.

This is a poetic look into one man&

s journey from potential priest to scathing critic. It is about family and community &

and how intimate family life is also filled with silences. Its abstract visual approach reflects the internal struggle of someone holding hard to old secrets.

In balancing faith and anger, the subjects survive with their humor intact. The film never descends into expected depression. This is an engaging portrait of one family&

s attempt to regain its footing above a crumbling corporate belief system.


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