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Showing at the Varsity


Thu 3:10 PM , Fri 6:10 PM , Sat 9:40 AM , Sun 9:10 PM, Mon 12:10 PM Plays with: Pirate

Starring Christopher McCutchen, Amy Cale Peterson and Scott Speiser

From Maine to Georgia is the Appalachian Trail, 2,170 miles of wilderness hiking that can take six months to complete. Only one in five ever make the entire journey. In this interesting film, a young woman begins the hike in Maine and heads south. She is a &


All of those leaving Georgia, headed toward Maine are &


She meets a potpourri of people along the way, finds herself challenged beyond endurance and even, for a time, falls in love. The film almost has a documentary feel to it, as if the filmmakers are just along for the hike and the movie is not scripted. Much of the dialogue seems impromptu, and easy, adding to the verisimilitude of the film. An interesting subject, and not just for those who have strapped on a Kelty pack and spent time back country.



Short 10 minutes

Thu 3:10 PM , Fri 6:10 PM , Sat 9:40 AM , Sun 9:10 PM , Mon 12:10 PM Plays with: Southbounders

One afternoon in the early &

145;80s eight-year-old Roxy&

s family is having a &


party. The guests arrive in a variety of costumes: from priests to plumbers, princesses and pirates. Seen through Roxy&

s point of view, the characters struggle to understand the safety of family life, as Roxy is transformed by what she sees. [adult content]

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