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Storytelling Pied Piper to enchant families at the Library

Don Doyle, winner of the National Storytelling Network's "Lifetime Achievement Award," is traveling across the Arizona desert to the Rogue Valley where he will enchant children and their parents or caregivers with his joy-filled stories. Appearing at the Ashland Children's Library, Doyle will be August's performer in the "Third Tuesday at The Library" series.

Perii Hauschild-Owen of the Ashland Library says of Doyle, "He is far and away the most renowned storyteller we've had in the three years of our "Third Tuesday at the Library" programs. We're very excited about this opportunity."

Doyle has been the featured storyteller at some of the largest storytelling festivals throughout the country and abroad. Most recently he was featured at the Rocky Mountain Storytelling Festival in Colorado, the Tympanogos Storytelling Festival in Utah, and Forest Tales in Washington; but at the request of Hauschild-Owen, he agreed to pay a visit to the families of the Rogue Valley. Hauschild-Owen says, "Having performed for crowds of 1,500, our moderately-sized library audiences should provide Don with a refreshing change in the midst of this hot hot summer."

Doyle has a legion of fans stemming from his over-30-year career in the many aspects of theater - acting, directing, teaching, and storytelling. As a professional storyteller, Doyle is nationally recognized and has received such prestigious awards as the "Campton Bell Lifetime Achievement Award" from the American Alliance for Theatre and Education, the "Medallion of Merit" from the National Society of Arts and Letters, and the "Creative Drama Award for Human Awareness" from the Children's Theatre Association of America. Peter Dolese, Director of the Winter Tales Storytelling Festival in Oklahoma City, describes Doyle as "one of the finest world class storytellers in our country today." And Nancy Duncan, Producer of the Nebraska Storytelling Festival says Doyle is a "mixture of sage, leprechaun, and most trusted friend."

Sponsors of Doyle's performances are the Jackson County Library Foundation, Jackson County Library Services, the Friends of the Ashland Library, Albertsons, Shop 'n Kart, Windmill Inn Suites of Ashland, Susan Rust, and Amelia and Richard Franke.

Doyle's library performance is scheduled for Tuesday, August 15. Snacks will be served at 3:15, thirty minutes before the performance. Then the performance begins at 3:45 p.m. and lasts about 45 minutes. Call 774-6995 for more information.