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Bloomsbury events for October

Thursday, Oct. 19 at 7:30 p.m.

"Divine Color: When Color Sings

Leave it to the wildly innovative founder of Devine Color&


174;, Gretchen Schauffler, who revolutionized the home paint industry, to write her first book about color without pictures. Devine Color: When Color Sings, encourages readers to think about color in a daring new way-without the aid of seductive glossy photos common to most design publications. Schauffler believes that pictures can subtly dictate a point of view, similar to advertisements. According to Schauffler, it's what you think about color that matters. She aims to enable readers to connect with colors that are personal to them, not part of the latest fashion trends. With insight and wit, Schauffler, a leading color consultant, national speaker and the creative force behind a multi-million-dollar paint company, shares the challenges and epiphanies that have shaped her bold color philosophy.

All Events are Free and Open to the Public Bloomsbury Books 290 East Main Street Ashland, Oregon 97520 (541) 488-0029