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For Immediate Release — — — — Contact: Elizabeth Austin, 482-4132 —

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Horizon Institute Offers Free Previews

Ashland-based Horizon Institute, a 501 c (3) non-profit organization, offers two free previews of the one-day retreat, Women in Transition: The Call to a Larger Life. The previews, open to men as well as women, are scheduled for Thursday, September 28, and Thursday, October 5, in the public meeting room, lower level of the Ashland Public Library. Time for both days is 7 PM &

8:30 PM.

Elizabeth Austin, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Board President of Horizon Institute, will discuss the significance of transitions as opportunities for personal and professional expansion. "I'll demonstrate some effective tools for reducing stress, overwhelm and frustration, and provide some handouts for at-home use," according to Austin, whose coaching practice extends across the country.

"In these difficult times, the more we know about handling the challenges of transitions, the better. Horizon Institute is pleased to expand our public offerings in this way," reports Richard Moeschl, Executive Director. "Other offerings are the annual Celebration of the Human Spirit, November 4, 7 PM, at the Bowmer Theatre and the Community Wide Exploration of "What does it mean to be human?" each April."

For more information, contact Elizabeth Austin, 482 &

4132, email mycoach@mind.net , or website, , click on "special events.".


Life Coach Elizabeth Austin, RN, CPCC

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Ashland, Oregon