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Art foundation funds two Ashland projects


The William T Colville Foundation announced that it would provide partial funding for two innovative Ashland projects. The Symbols Way and Your Enchanted Life are archetypal personal development processes that inspire users to use the art of symbols in daily life. Both projects have been awarded grants to fund some of the artwork integral to their development.

The Symbols Way. This symbolic query process developed by Ashland Institute's Barbara Cecil has been used by countless individuals, businesses and organizations to understand the natural next steps in the life of a person or an organization. Says Cecil, "There are underlying patterns of evolution for our lives that are often obscured by expectations and old ruts. The Symbols Way gets under all this to what life has in mind, for this phase of one's journey." As demand for the process grew, Cecil created a prototype of the process that could be used by therapists, businesses and individuals to facilitate the same kind of illumination outside of Cecil's workshops. Thus The Symbols Way kit was born.

How it works: Working with a guide or facilitator, the user poses a question related to a current life choice (for a person or a group). This juncture is represented in symbolic form, and a specific inquiry sequence helps to reach through current circumstances to awaiting possibility.

The prototype is being tested at workshops in the U.S. and Europe, and response has been excellent. The William T Colville grant will be used to fund the instructional DVD that accompanies each kit.

Your Enchanted Life is a multimedia web based planner and journal which uses a creative game-like approach to life management. Though a printed version of the planner has been used by individuals for years the idea of a web based version is a new inspiration. Says creator Cynthia Salbato, " I was reading about the many hours daily that gamers play online pretending to be an elf or a wizard and I thought to myself: Wow, if they spent that much creative time focusing on their real life, what amazing things they could accomplish."

How it works: Based loosely on the Hero's Journey, 'players' are led on a guided symbolic life journey through the Crossroads and the 9 Life Realms. Interactive 'Guides' assist players to set and achieve intentions and goals for physical health, relationships, work, prosperity and more. Multimedia storytelling and playful interactive tools provide an entertaining twist to traditional time and life management.

The project is currently in production with an anticipated beta test version launching in January 2007. The grant is funding some of the original 3D animation that will bring the fairy tale world of the planner to life.

The William T Colville Foundation is chaired by long time Rogue Valley residents Sharlene and Hayden Peters. The William T Colville Foundation grants are primarily awarded to individual artists to support their artistic development. "These two grants are unique for our foundation but we see how these projects support the artist within each of us and we are excited to be able to play a role in their creative development."

For more information about the William T Colville Foundation, contact them at (805) 560-0891 or colvilleart@yahoo.com

For more information about The Symbols Way contact Barbara Cecil at (541) 488-3623 or bcecil@mind.net

For more information about Your Enchanted Life contact Cynthia Salbato at (541) 261-2828 or pandora@mind.net