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Elin Babcock presents: Musique

"Musique" is the newest exhibition for sculptor, Elin Babcock, known for her inventive use of found objects. "Musique" opens on Friday Oct 6 with a reception from 5 to 8 p.m. at Ashland Art Works Gallery, at 291 Oak Street.

Stringed instruments, horn parts and piano components share space with flywheels, gearboxes and feathers in an ever-growing waiting room that is her studio. This assemblage sculptor joins objects that have lost their way; wood with rusted metal, wire with glass, common objects and delicate feathers mixed with re-bar to create pieces for "Musique" through the month of October.

Babcock, who has brought a creative spark into classrooms and workshops worldwide, from Hong Kong to Paris, Prague and the US for 25 years says, "Creativity is an integral part of my life's philosophy. Each time I ventured into a specific artistic medium, I found myself building bridges from one discipline to another: painting with sculpting. Sculptures with poems; poetry with play writing; art with psychology; teaching with learning."

She enjoys shifting and combining the utilitarian with the artistic. The detailed beauty and craftsmanship of the original maker far outlasts the function in her mind.

Recently she acquired a 1901 upright piano. When she held the parts, she felt connected to the woodworkers who fashioned the components, crafted joints and interlocked leather, wire and wood to form the mechanics from key to string, late in the 1890s.

With the assemblage work, she honors the continued beauty she sees in the discarded piano parts, musical instruments or decorative cast iron doors.