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The Heartbeat of Africa

On Friday, Oct. 20 at 8:30 p.m. The Heart Beat of Afrika Tour comes to The Mobius. The show is all ages. Entrance fee is a $5-10 donation.

The Heart Beat of Afrika Tour for Botswana and South Africa Development Project features many acts including conscious roots reggae and original world music, DJs, MCs, hi-fi sound systems, arts and crafts.

Artists who will be perforrming include Keys of Creation, Kush and Bloodfiyah Angels, Jimi Bridges, Heartical Roots, Manaka, Rocker-T, Positive Sound Massive, Empress Lindsay Love, Apostle Gabriel, JAH Firm, Comanche Hi-Power Sound Station. Additional artists and djs will be announced as they sign on with the show.

The purpose of this tour is to gather funds to be used directly for The Education and Development Project for both Botswana and South Africa respectively.

The Heart Beat of Afrika Tour is a global community effort sharing the great healing power of music and the arts as well as giving an awareness, insight and education to the general public about the people of Africa.

All of the artists and everyone involved with the tour are donating their time, energy and equipment for this special Project. "Unity is the key to success" is the motto of this tour.

Artists and musicians from distances as well as local areas are participating and sharing their gifts at these shows.

Heavy, deep Roots Reggae and Organic World Music are lighting up the stage along with Ites Conscious DJs MCs keeping the vibes nice. Sponsors of the tour include individual donors, NOTR South Africa, Positive Creations, WMB, Homeless in Action, Roots and Culture International and Strong Love Records.

"This music is a living art form coming out of the heart. It is music of healing, of peace." Jimi Bridges performs and records all original music on instruments from around the world including Africa, India, Jamaica, Japan, Europe and more.

Bridges plays original music that cannot be described or defined by any one style or genre. His musical influences come from deep roots in gospel, devotional bhajans, kirtan, nyahbinghi, reggae, folk, blues, jazz, rock and rb.

Bridges has over 20 years of performing experience. He offers mystic music, a pure organic blend of the modern and the ancient.

Bridges expresses that "Music is the universal language that all people of the world can understand and feel. Music speaks heart to heart... Music can break down the barriers or walls within our being separating us from our joy and our truth, and music has that power that it can transform our life to move us in a positive direction. And when we can change ourselves from within, we can also change the world around us."

Originally hailing from the Somoa Islands, and now based out of Southern California, Keys of Creation is a roots foundation band with pure Rasta vibes performing all original conscious music.

The band is tight, and performs on real instruments. The music is played with heavy roots bass lines that keep the crowd entranced, interlocking with the ancient heartbeat rhythm of the roots drum.

Keys of Creation's new CD release, "Let Your Light Shine" is now available.

The Mobius is located at 281 Fourth St. For more information, call 488-8894 or visit .