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John Brown's Body at the Mobius

On Saturday, Oct. 28 at 9 p.m. The Mobius welcomes reggae sensation John Brown's Body. The seven-member group (from Ithaca, NY and Boston) has developed a strong reputation for it's originality and superb, energetic live show during its ten-year career. The trademark JBB sound evolved out of the early 90's rock and reggae outfit Tribulations, and developed into a 21st century band founded on torque heavy drum and bass, four part vocal harmony, and a horn section.

Over the course of a handful of albums, John Brown's Body has gotten tons of props for its approach to reggae. Far from being some Bob Marley cover band that plays reggae night at a Daytona Beach bar, the Boston/Ithaca, NY-based band fuses socially conscious lyrics with a vintage roots sound epitomized in the use of B3 organ, a horn section, great harmony vocals and a general warm analog production sound that recalls reggae's 1970s heyday.

JBB's sound has also sprung from its attention to songwriting and arranging. JBB's sound has also sprung from its attention to songwriting and arranging. The bands two lead singers, Kevin Kinsella and Elliot Martin, point to diverse influences from Johnny Cash and Sam Cooke to Massive Attack and 311.

"I grew up in small town America, upstate New York, and we were listening to a healthy dose of Motown, Americana and singer-songwriters. As a guitarist and singer, I construct my tunes on the porch, work out the changes and melody and then later add the rhythm section," says Kinsella. On the other hand, Martin's style is born out of his home studio in New York, where he takes a different approach to building a tune. "To me, the drum and bass form the seed. That's where I start. Then I layer in the other parts I want, but only once the drum and bass are solid." These two diverse approaches to songwriting have provided JBB with an extensive play list of original songs over the years. "Some question the band's origins in the Northeast (and not Jamaica), but there is no roots reggae band out there better than JBB." &

Tad Hendrickson, Amazon.com

Tickets are $10 for students. and $12 for general admission. The Mobius is located at 281 Fourth Street. For more info, call (541) 488-8894