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Local artist paints murals on hospital walls

A baby zebra rests on an African savannah, a young giraffe stretches his

long neck to grasp acacia leaves from an overhanging tree with his probing

tongue, and lions share a moment of quiet nurturing: these are some of the

colorful giclee images that Adele Hiles has recently produced from the

murals she has painted in a local hospital's childrens' rooms.

Since 2003, Ms. Hiles has been working at Rogue Valley Medical Center in

Medford, transforming bare, white walls to color-filled scenes of

intriguing, non-threatening wild and domestic animals to distract and

entertain small children and adults alike. The murals have been painted on

the walls of rooms in ER, Short Stay, Pediatrics and PACU wings of the

hospital, where children get their chemo-therapy, shots, stitches or wait

patiently for a doctor's care. These same scenes are now captured in

smaller-sized giclee reproductions and are premiering this Friday in an

opening for her newest work at Claycomb's Plaza Mall at 40 N Main St.,


Hiles paints murals and large scale works on canvas, but she wanted to

make her art work more accessible to the general public and felt that

smaller reproductions might appeal to new parents or couples with toddlers

for children's bedrooms and playrooms. Her images are filled with energy

and while representing the animal realistically, still show the imprint of

her art training with lively, full spectrum color and expressive brushwork.

These are not cartoon animal murals, but rather an expressive explosion of

brushstrokes that capture the vitality and serenity of animals in their

native settings.

In collaboration with Native Imports, and Bugaboo of Ashland, Hiles will

display her new prints and paintings at the Plaza Mall. Refreshments will be served with live music povided by Billy Rock and Friends.