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Local film shown in Miami

A local independent feature film has been accepted into the Miami Underground Film Festival and will screen at the Miami Beach Cinemateque on Saturday, March 10, 2007.

"Sixes and the One Eyed King." which premiered in July in Los Angeles, is set to show this spring at the Florida festival whose goal is to "put an emphasis on undiscovered or neglected talent from around the world." Information is posted at the festival's site .

The black-and-white suspense, which is 100 minutes long in English and Spanish with English subtitles, is the story of six formerly suicidal people who agree to play a game where the prize is a million dollars a year for life, but the winner is the only contestant left alive. They don't know that high rollers are betting on the Russian Roulette-style games via the Internet. Further complicating the situation, one of the gamblers thinks the returning champion may be his lost cousin.

Filmed mostly in Medford with a main cast and crew comprised of Rogue Valley residents, the film is directed by Ray Nomoto Robison, written by Robison and Patricia Snyder, produced by Robison and Becky Geear and featuring a principle cast of Nicole Strykowski, Scott McEnroe, Scott Ford, Grace Thorsen, Tamara Barrus, Gabe Recos, Juan Salles, and Alexia Stingley.

The movie was recently declined by the Ashland Independent, and no local showings are scheduled. Information about the film is available on its Web site, . A trailer and clips are also available on the Internet at , and .

"With excellent reviews and winning the audience appreciation award recently at Louisville, Kentucky's Bluegrass Film Festival, I think we've shown that Southern Oregon has the talent and skill to create quality films," Robison said. "What the area needs is the financial backing and distribution support to continue building the Rogue Valley as a filmmaking center."

Robison's first feature, "Die Before I Wake," is now available domestically and in Russia via the Internet. Also filmed locally, the story is about a woman who comes to question her own sanity as she is pursued by a sniper in a town that has been quarantined because of disease. It is available in the United States through Web sites including , , and . Bison Video Productions 772-2763.