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'Riding Grace: A Triumph Of The Soul'

Tackling the unspeakable in a bold, lyrical voice, Alissa Lukara breaks through denial, upends ancestral patterns and bravely puts a face on the silent survivors of child abuse and incest in her debut memoir, "Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul" (Silver Light Publications, February 2007). Chronicling her life's journey from a childhood of darkness to subsequent debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome as an adult, Lukara's story serves as a testament of hope, resilience and courage. Alissa Lukara will be providing a reading and signing at Barnes Noble, Saturday March 3, 4 pm in Medford.

A heroine's journey for the 21st century, Lukara, recounts in vivid detail the darkness of her childhood, her challenges in speaking that truth to her family, friends and the world and her 12 year quest to heal. She explores uncharted frontiers of alternative healing and new realms of existence and navigates the void where life and identity "as she knew them" cease to exist. With forgiveness, compassion and poetic vision, she embraces the larger meaning and purpose of her journey and finds grace.

"In Riding Grace, I raised my voice, no longer silent, and told the story I'd been afraid to tell all my life," says Lukara. "This act has healed and transformed me in ways I'd almost stopped daring to dream were possible. I stopped being a victim-or a survivor-of abuse or illness and reclaimed a wholeness that lives inside me, regardless of what happened in the past. So many people who've been abused or seriously ill don't speak out because of fear, shame and societal stigma and denial. It is my hope Riding Grace inspires people who've had their voices silenced to reclaim them. I want readers to know and trust the power that their own words and stories have to heal themselves and others."

A roadmap to healing illness and trauma, Riding Grace also helps individuals experiencing serious life challenges to embrace what is, set down their burden of pain and give voice to the call of their souls.

Lukara is president and founder of Lifechallenges.org, a nonprofit website that provides individuals in 97 countries worldwide with the self help tools they need to cope with and transcend adversity.Lukara's work has appeared in numerous publications including Conscious Women, Conscious Lives, the secret of salt: an indigenous journal, and Ashland Magazine. She can been seen hosting the Southern Oregon community television program, "Transcending Life Challenges."

A Reiki Master, Lukara is currently studying to be a family constellation practitioner which is based on the work of psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. Lukara grew up near Cleveland, Ohio, and has lived in Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. She now makes her home in Ashland with her family. For information see .