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Life and Depth: At Rest in Sacred Presence

Producer Gaea Yudron is holding Sunday afternoon events, "Light and Depth" Sunday, March 25 at — p.m. at Headwaters, 84 Fourth St., Suggested donation is $12-15 at the door.

"You may already have heard of Slow Food and Slow Travel. The work I do arises from Slow Time," Yudron said. "It allows people ways really to relax. And when they relax, they can access deeper layers of being and meaning, and that can be very refreshing and inspiring."

Yudron, an artist and health care practitioner who has lived in the Ashland area for over 30 years, brings a variety of unusual elements into the event mix. These include a form of wordless singing whose long breath lines and lack of verbal content allows the mind to slow down. For some listeners, her wordless singing recalls sacred incantations from other cultures.

"It is as though Gaea sources an ancient healing vessel from which we can drink," says local author Angie Thusias.

"The voice that informs this wordless singing first arrived in a transcendental experience I had over 35 years ago. Like all transcendental experience, it came as a big surprise, even a shock," Yudron said.

Yudron also offers monologues based upon life stories. These conjure peak experiences, turning points, times of profound challenge and moments of quiet insight, the kinds of experiences that can shake people out of habitual patterns of self-forgetting we may have fallen into, awakening people to fresh energy, inspiration and direction, according to Yudron.

Yudron is the author of "Words Themselves are Medicine," a chapbook of poetry and essays and co-author of Growing and Using the Healing Herbs, a bestseller published by Rodale Press. Her articles and poetry have appeared in Yoga Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Oregonian, Sentient Times, Best American Erotica, Evergreen Review and others. She provides rapid eye healing services in the Morningstar Healing Arts center.

A longtime practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, she helped to found Tashi Choling Center for Buddhist Studies in the Colestin Valley south of Ashland 26 years ago and is still engaged there.