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Ashland Gallery Association awards grant for student art

The Ashland Gallery Association has awarded its third annual grant to AHAA, the Ashland High Arts Advocates, to support student artists at Ashland High School. The grant, totaling $500, is part of an ongoing partnership between the Gallery Association and art teachers and students at the high school.

"We're very grateful for the Ashland Gallery Association's support," said AHAA representative Heidi Gottlieb. "These funds are used for easels, kiln repair, photography equipment, a wood lathe and a variety of other needed supplies for our student artists."

In addition to the annual financial contribution, the Ashland Gallery Association members host student artists in exhibits of their work in March of each year.

"The opportunity for high school artist to be able to exhibit their work in Ashland's galleries is immeasurable," said Ashland High art teacher Mark Schoenleber. "The gathering of students, community members and visitors to enjoy and talk to young artists about their work is incredible, and it is a great boost for the students to showcase their work in such a high profile way."

Ashland High Art Advocates, a unique arts booster club, presents a student showcase at the winter fine arts festival each year. Funds raised through the coordination of community resources support students in the arts in various ways. A major project is the summer enrichment scholarship program, open to returning students. Those interested in financial assistance for summer arts programs this year are encouraged to apply in April for funding.

Another aspect of the partnership between the galleries and the high school artists will be on display with student participation in the kickoff Gala for the AGA's "A Taste of Ashland" at the Ashland Springs Hotel on Friday, April 27th from 6-9:00. Using the lathe purchased with AGA funds, AHS students Miles Fidler, Eduardo Banda, and Christian Bianca will demonstrate their woodworking skills under the direction of AHS teacher, John Weston.

The Ashland Gallery Association is a collection of over thirty galleries and dozens of artists, offering diverse and high quality works of art. The strength of the Ashland art scene has been acknowledged with the listing of the city as one of the "Best Arts Towns in America.

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