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Bohemia Gallery & Framing

San Francisco artist Randall Jay works in intricate collage. Both ordinary and iconic images are carefully gathered and assembled to create new and imaginary realms.

"All art is about discovery on some level. I enjoy being a discoverer. I am not trying to 'capture' anything in my work. I would say that I'm attempting to explore something that can't be captured," Jay said. "If I'm lucky I end up with something beautiful and new but it is always something that couldn't have been envisioned beforehand-I love the surprise and I find collage to be a near perfect medium for this sort of visual discovery. It is also an aid to self-discovery."

Jay is a dedicated and prolific artist who is not afraid to venture into themes of love, pain, sex, politics, and spirituality-all with an attentive eye for detail and beauty. He describes his artistic process of trial and error as "mysterious."

"What inspires me is the outrageous multiplicity of forms in this crazy beautiful world," he said. "I love mixing very disparate elements and seeing them work together in a seamless way. The finished piece ends up being true to itself, with its own gravity and its own set of rules."

Of a few unfinished large pieces that he says have been "cooking" slowly for years, Jay asks, "Will they ever be finished? You're asking me?"

Bohemia Gallery Framing opened last October at 222 A Street in Ashland's historic Railroad District adjacent to Gathering Glass Studio.

Gatherings will run through the last week of April.

For more information, visit or call 488-5227.