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Todd Yohn at Chadwick's Pub

Last time Todd Yohn was in Medford he pulled up to a drive-through ATM and wondered why the numbers on the keypad were also in braille.

"Oh, is there a surplus of blind people cruising around Medford that I need to know about?" he joked.

Yohn said he expected to look in his rearview mirror and see a German shepherd in a harness in the passenger seat.

Yohn, 53, uses his personal observations as the foundation for many of his comedy routines. His comedy and music have been featured for about 15 years on the nationally syndicated morning radio show, "The Bob and Tom Show."

"My comedy I would consider observational and not very clever," he said.

Yohn will present his comedy shows at 7 and 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Sept. 25-26, at Chadwick's Pub, 2300 Biddle Road, Medford.

His show is two-fold: stand-up comedy and songs he plays on the guitar that "start out serious and take a somewhat perverted twist in the middle," he said.

Yohn considers himself an old-fashioned comedian for adults only. In his show he uses impromptu acts, character voices, personal and family stories and male and female differences to form a "naughty but not vulgar" show that gets people laughing.

"It's kind of the three-ringed circus of comedy," he said. " I guarandamntee that people will come and laugh their butts off."

Yohn started making people laugh for a living 24 years ago. After college, he started learning guitar from Roy Buchanan and jumped from band to band for about 12 years. In 1984, he took a dare and accepted an open mic at Charlie Goodnight's Comedy Club & Restaurant in North Carolina. Later he was asked to be master of ceremonies twice, then he did shows for Comedy Zone for six months, and he has been headlining ever since. He said his stage time helped him prepare for his career of entertaining audiences.

Since then he has opened for comedian Joan Rivers, The Four Tops, Kenny Loggins and The Righteous Brothers. He drew his largest audience in 1996 when he entertained about 15,000 extras performing in the movie "Eddie" with Whoopi Goldberg.

"There's nothing better than having one thought come out of your head that triggers the laugh of about 12,000 people," Yohn said.

Yohn has released three CDs, "Red On The Head," "Orange Barrel" and "Todd Yohn: The White Album" and two DVDs, "Todd Yohn: The White Album" and his newest, "Todd Yohn: Split Personality."

Some of his more popular songs include "Orange Barrel," "Red on the Head," "Daddy, Please Don't Go" and "The Feminine Hygiene Song."

Tickets to the shows at Chadwick's cost $18 in advance; $20 the day of the show. Call 282-2122.

Todd Yohn at Chadwick's Pub