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Jeff Kloetzel releases 'Long Time Coming'

Guitarist and songwriter Jeff Kloetzel’s new CD of original folk and pop is a well-orchestrated 12-song set. “Long Time Coming” has been years in the making. It was 1998 when he released his first and last CD. It took him 21 months to complete this project from launch to release.

“Keeping the momentum going was often difficult,” he says. “The desire to see it through, along with the support of key people, kept it alive.”

Co-production and a good percentage of the instrumentation and some background vocals are provided by producer and songwriter Bret Levick. “He knows how to use the tools,” Kloetzel points out. “I credit him for the sheen and polish in the recording.”

All music tells stories, and an album is like a short story collection. Kloetzel’s songs are a mix of fiction and autobiographical sketches. The opening track, “Carolina,” is semi-fictional. “There is no Carolina in my life.”

“San Diego” is another work of fiction Kloetzel says. It's a fantasy of a place and space in his imagination. The third tune is closest to a ballad with a laid-back feel. Kloetzel adopts a soulful voice, pushing for deep feeling.

" 'Come Back to Me' is the only song that is not mine,” he says. “It was composed by my late friend Bud Cerio. I recorded it with permission from his wife.” Jeff Stanley lays down a colorful jazz guitar part that compliments the music progression.

Kloetzel credits the feel for the upbeat “Fly On” to Jeff Pevar, who lends both bass and Joe Walsh-style riffs and solo. As on many of the tracks, rich vocal harmonies fill the chorus lines.

With a positive take on new beginnings, “Clear Morning Light” features the chain-gang harmonica of Lincoln Zeve, and the final track, "Singing the Sun Down," features Kloetzel on guitar and accompaniment by Bob Evoniuk on a Weissenborn lap steel guitar.

“The lyrics came to me while housesitting a beautiful place alone,” he says. The song's lyric ponders how even beauty can be lonely, “Singing the sun down, world keeps turning round/It doesn't stop because I'm blue/Singing the sun down, everything comes around/Even though I am here without you.”

Other players featured on the album include Matthew Kriemelman, Don Harriss, Reed Bentley, Jef Ramsey, Kieran Devine and Jennifer Matsuura.

Kloetzel will perform at 2 p.m. Friday, Nov. 28, at Red Lily Vineyards; 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 29, at Ledger David Cellars; and 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 3, at South Stage Cellars. 

The CD will be available at all of his live shows, online at cdbaby.com and on www.facebook.com/jeffkloetzelmusic.

Jeff Kloetzel releases 'Long Time Coming'