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Movie listings: Sept. 29-Oct. 5

Varsity Theatre

Sept. 29-Oct. 5

Note: See www.catheatres.com for days not listed, and ticket prices

Rebel in the Rye


Sat-Sun early show: 1:30 Daily showtimes: 4:10, 6:45, 9:20

This biopic of legendary author J.D. Salinger (Nicholas Hoult) details his relationship with socialite Oona O'Neill (Zoey Deutch), his experiences fighting in World War II, and his writing process for "The Catcher in the Rye." Directed by Danny Strong; Starring Nicholas Hoult, Kevin Spacey, Sarah Paulson, Zoey Deutch, Victor Garber, Hope Davis, Lucy Boynton, Amy Rutberg. Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, language including sexual references, some violence, and smoking throughout/109m.



Sat-Sun early show: 12:50 Daily showtimes: 3:35, 6:20, 9:00

A victim of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 helps the police track down the killers while struggling to recover from devastating trauma. Directed by David Gordon Green; Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Clancy Brown, Miranda Richardson, Frankie Shaw, Maggie Castle, Carlos Sanz. Rated R for language throughout, some graphic injury images, and brief sexuality/nudity/116m.

Neither Wolf Nor Dog

Sat-Sun early show: 12:30 Daily showtimes: 3:10, 5:45, 8:20

Adapted from the acclaimed novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog by Kent Nerburn the story follows a white author who gets sucked into the heart of contemporary Native American life in the sparse lands of the Dakota’s by a 95 year old Lakota elder and his side-kick. Directed by Steven Lewis Simpson; Starring Dave Bald Eagle, Christopher Sweeney, Richard Ray Whitman, Roseanne Supernault, Tatanka Means. Not Rated/110m.

Tulip Fever

Daily showtimes: 3:25, 6:00

In 17th-century Amsterdam, an orphaned girl (Alicia Vikander) is forcibly married to a rich and powerful merchant (Christoph Waltz) — an unhappy "arrangement" that saves her from poverty. After her husband commissions a portrait, she begins a passionate affair with the painter (Dane DeHaan), a struggling young artist. Seeking to escape the merchant's ever-reaching grasp, the lovers risk everything and enter the frenzied tulip bulb market, with the hope that the right bulb will make a fortune and buy their freedom. Directed by Justin Chadwick; Starring Alicia Vikander, Dane DeHaan, Christoph Waltz, Holliday Grainger, Jack O'Connell, Zach Galifianakis, Judi Dench. Rated R for sexual content and nudity.


Sat-Sun early show: 1:10 Daily showtimes: 9:10

A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence. From filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, mother! stars Jennifer Lawrence in this riveting psychological thriller about love, devotion and sacrifice. Directed by Darren Aronofsky; Also starring Javier Bardem, Domhnall Gleeson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Briain Gleeson, Ed Harris, Kristen Wiig. R for strong disturbing violent content, some sexuality, nudity and language/123m.


Sat-Sun early show: 12:45 Daily showtimes: 8:30

Rigorously trained from an early age by a perfectionist instructor, Polina is a promising classical ballet dancer. She is just about to join the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet when she discovers contemporary dance, a revelation that throws everything into question on a profound level. Diverting from her plan, she leaves all her exacting preparation behind and moves to France to work with famous choreographer Liria Elsaj. But once there she is quickly forced to grapple with the realization that determination and hard work don't always lead to success. Directed by Valerie Muller, Angelin Preljocaj; Starring Juliette Binoche, Anastasia Shevtsova, Veronika Zhovnytska, Niels Schneider, Aleksey Guskov. Not Rated/108m.

Wind River

Daily showtimes: 4:00,6:45

U.S. Fish & Wildlife agent Cory Lambert discovers a body in the rugged wilderness of the Wind River Indian Reservation. The FBI sends in rookie agent Jane Banner, but she's unprepared for the difficulties created by the oppressive weather and isolation of the Wyoming winter. When she employs Cory as a tracker, the two venture deep into a world ravaged by violence and the elements. Wind River is a stark look at life on the edge of an imposing wilderness, where the rule of law is eclipsed by the laws of nature. Directed by Taylor Sheridan; Starring Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Jon Bernthal, Martin Sensmeier, Julia Jones, Graham Greene, Gil Birmingham. Rated R for strong violence, a rape, disturbing images, and language/111m.

Ashland Street Cinemas

Sept. 29-Oct. 5

Note: See www.catheatres.com for additional days not listed, and ticket prices

American Made


Sat-Sun early show: 12:30, 1:30 Daily showtimes: 3:15, 6:00, 7:20, 8:45

Barry Seal, a TWA pilot, is recruited by the CIA to provide reconnaissance on the burgeoning communist threat in Central America and soon finds himself in charge of one of the biggest covert CIA operations in the history of the United States that spawned the birth of the Medellin cartel and eventually almost brought down the Reagan White House with the Iran Contra scandal. Directed by Doug Liman; Starring Tom Cruise, Domhnall Gleeson, Jayma Mays, Jesse Plemons, Sarah Wright, Marko Caka, Lola Kirke, Caleb Landry Jones. Rated R for language throughout and some sexuality/nudity/115m.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Sat-Sun early show: 11:45 Daily showtimes: 2:50, 4:15, 5:55, 9:00

When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, the Kingsman's journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US. These two elite secret organizations must band together to defeat a common enemy. Directed by Matthew Vaughn; Starring Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Halle Berry, Elton John, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges. Rated R for sequences of strong violence, drug content, language throughout and some sexual material/141m.

The Lego Ninjago Movie

Sat-Sun early shows: 12:20 Daily showtimes: 2:55, 5:30, (3-D) 8:00 (No 8:00 showing Oct. 5)

Six young ninjas Lloyd, Jay, Kai, Cole, Zane and Nya are tasked with defending their island home, called Ninjago. By night, they're gifted warriors, using their skills and awesome fleet of vehicles to fight villains and monsters. By day, they're ordinary teens struggling against their greatest enemy: high school. Directed by Charlie Bean; Starring Jackie Chan, Justin Theroux, Dave Franco, Olivia Munn, Fred Armisen, Abbi Jacobson, Kumail Nanjiani, Michael Peña. Rated PG for some mild action and rude humor/91m.

Friend Request

Daily showtime: 9:30

Laura, a popular college girl, is very active on social media and shares almost everything in her life with her 800+ friends on Facebook. However after accepting a friend request from an unknown girl named Marina, Laura becomes obsessed with Marina's profile, and soon her friends begin to die violently one by one. Directed by Simon Verhoeven; Starring Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo, Brit Morgan, Brooke Markham, Sean Marquette, Liesl Ahlers. Rated R for horror violence, disturbing images, and language/92m.

American Assassin

Sat-Sun early show: 1:25 Daily showtimes: 6:55

Follows the rise of Mitch Rapp, a CIA black ops recruit under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley. The pair is then enlisted by CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy to investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on both military and civilian targets. Together, the three discover a pattern in the violence leading them to a joint mission with a lethal Turkish agent to stop a mysterious operative intent on starting a world war. Directed by Michael Cuesta; Starring Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton, Sanaa Lathan, Taylor Kitsch, Shiva Negar, Scott Adkins, David Suchet, Göksun Çam. Rated R for strong violence throughout, some torture, language and brief nudity/111m.


Sat-Sun early show: 12:05 Daily showtimes: 3:05, 6:10, 9:10 (No 6:10 showing Oct. 5)

Children start to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine. The neighborhood children unite together to face Pennywise, an evil clown whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries. Directed by Andy Muschietti; Starring Bill Skarsgard, Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Javier Botet, Nicholas Hamilton. Rated R for violence/horror, bloody images, and for language/135m.

The Big Sick

Daily showtimes: 4:05

A Pakistani-American stand-up comedian falls for an American woman, despite the fact that his family wants him to consent to an arranged marriage with someone from his own culture. Directed by Michael Showalter; Starring Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Matty Cardarople, Ray Romano, Vella Lovell, Bo Burnham, Anupam Kher. Rated R for language including some sexual references/120m.