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Council Corner: Voting no is important

I simply do not think it is the way we treat people in Ashland. Never has been, never will be.

The three people who are under the threat of recall are all good people, public servants who have stepped up to serve their community over many years and have served honorably. A recall is reserved for people who dishonor their elected positions. These three have done nothing remotely close.

One could disagree with their positions; I believe I have with each of them on occasion. One could say mistakes were made in the matter of the senior center, we could grant that as something people could honestly contend — but that does not mean they should be removed from office. This is a democracy and those who are using the recall tool have the right to do so, just as those of us who disagree have the right to speak against it.

Ashland is a place where we have long honored those who give of their time and efforts to this community. Yes, we at times have robust discussions about a variety of issues — it is part of the charm of Ashland. Most of the time we have the ability to keep things in context, most people stick to a mutually respectful discussion. This is the making of the character of a community, and in Ashland we pride ourselves on being progressive, liberal and forgiving. We aspire to a higher order, we look to the national dialogue and shake our heads in wonder and dismay. In Ashland we embrace the principles of the Peace Commission and pack the house for MLK Day. The recall is completely out of context with the principles we self-identify with in this wonderful community.

This is a misuse of the recall option. Even if you disagree with everything these three have done in their long service to Ashland. If you disagree then you run against them in a democracy — I might point out that we are paying $30,000 for a recall election eight months before an election.

This just is not the way we do things in Ashland, not the way we treat people. I hope it never is. Please join me in voting against the recall.

— Dennis Slattery is a member of the Ashland City Council.