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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 8, 1914

J.A. Rose and son Adrian of Griffin Creek, bitten by a mad dog 10days ago, left last night for Portland, where they will seek medical treatment. At the time they were bitten, they were not aware that their dog had rabies. After an examination, this was found to be the case. A week ago, six of the old dog's pups died. This aroused the suspicion of Mr. Rose, who sent one of the dead pups to the state bacteriologist, who pronounced death to be caused from rabies. Mr. Rose was bitten while feeding the mother dog, while Adrian was slightly nipped while teasing her. Neither were bitten seriously.

Dog owner's notice

All dogs found running at large in the city and not muzzled will be taken up and placed in the city pound at West Side Feed and Safe Stable. 

— J.F. Hittson, City Marshal


Bartlett Pears: We have a cash offer for 10 cars of first quality Bartlett pears for the Eastern market, and would be glad to quote prices to growers who have pears of this grade.

We advise shipping second-grade pears to the cannery and can make an offer on this grade.

Will commence packing Bartletts Tuesday at Medford, Central Point and Voorhies. Bring in your pears.

— J.A. Perry, Manager, Co-operative Fruit Growers' Association


Free lecture on the "care and preservation of the teeth" and free demonstration on painless dentistry by Painless Parker.

Corner of Main and Front streets, Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 12 and 13, 1914.

Teeth Extracted Free. This subject is of interest to everyone. Bring the children with you, and hear this interesting lecture.

Vote against the Dental Trust at the November Election.

News of the War:

Indications that both British and French troops are hurrying to the assistance of the Belgians are given in French official dispatches today. The extent of the support is kept secret, as well as the route taken by the reinforcements.

French cavalry is said to have arrived at Liege, where masses of German troops are reported moving forward to support the strong advance guard, which was checked by the Belgians and, according to reports from Belgian sources, lost 23,000 men killed, wounded and prisoners. The German war office declares the German check not a defeat, but the result of an heroic attempt of a small German force to advance in face of difficulties.