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Old clock is still on time

Every time I drive past the converted gas station at 275 Lithia Way in Ashland, now home to Ashland Physical Therapy, I wonder why the clock faces on its tower have all ones, instead of 1-12?

— Bert, email

We here at the Since You Asked headquarters hoped the clock meant that it was always time for our lunch break but, alas, that is not the case.

After the building was a Shell gas station, it was a photo business owned by Christopher Briscoe called Rocket Photo. Briscoe put the mistimed clock up to advertise his one-hour photo development.

Mike Siegl, owner of Ashland Physical Therapy, said when he took the lease, he considered incorporating the clock into his business name.

“I started thinking about having my name be Just in Time for Physical Therapy or One Hour Physical Therapy, and decided not to take it down,” Siegl said. “And the cost of replacing it is ridiculous.”

Although Siegl settled on Ashland Physical Therapy, the clock remains as a quirky reminder of a bit of Ashland history.

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