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Yes, weekend was unusually hot

I know last weekend was suppose to be a hot one, but it felt like a real scorcher! Any idea how hot it was on Saturday? I made the mistake of wearing pants to the Harvest Festival and I was dying from the heat. It seems like it shouldn't be getting this hot so close to fall. 

— Becky R., Central Point

It was a scorcher, Becky, no doubt about that. 

Sorry to hear about your near heat stroke at The Expo on Saturday. Hopefully there were enough cold craft beers on tap at the joining Brew Fest to keep you comfortable. 

According to the National Weather Service in Medford, Saturday's 100-degree heat broke the previous Sept. 20 record of 98 degrees that was set in 1952.

And for the record, Becky — no pun intended — it typically isn't anywhere close to that hot this time of year. According to Jay Stockton, senior forecaster at the NWS in Medford, the "normal," or average temperature from Sept. 20 is 82 degrees.

Of course, weather data has only been consistently recorded in Medford since March 1911.

However, Saturday's heat wave wasn't unique to Medford.

In Roseburg, Medford NWS reported that Saturday's high of 98 degrees tied the Sept. 20 record from 1974. 

And in Klamath Falls, Medford NWS reported that Saturday's high of 89 narrowly beat the short-standing previous Sept. 20 record of 88 degrees set in 2012. 

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