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Our View: Our View

It's hard to come up with a convincing argument against labeling genetically modified foods, although the opponents of Measure 92 are certainly trying. While there are many unresolved issues on the subject, in the end people's right to know what they are eating makes this a measure deserving of support.

Measure 92 would require manufacturers and packagers selling products in Oregon to note on their labels if the contents include genetically modified foods. It follows on the heels of a successful campaign to ban GMO crops in Jackson County, a campaign that was outlawed statewide by legislative action. This is an chance to take on that issue from a different angle.

Opponents to the measure point out there is no evidence that GMOs have any negative health effects and say the measure would cause food prices to increase in the state. In the end those arguments don't sway us.

There are many substances in food that have no negative health effects, but which must be listed on labels. Have water or molasses or oregano in your product and it has to be listed. Why should the fact that a product contains GMOs be hidden? People have a right to know what they are eating, regardless of others' views of the food. There would be some modest costs associated with producing new labeling, but a study by ECONorthwest said the typical family would pay less than $3 more per year as a result.

We'll say it one more time: People have a right to know what they are eating.