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Our View: Cheering Ashland's own

In Ashland, San Francisco Giants fans would probably easily outnumber those rooting for most other Major League Baseball teams in any World Series. But we know we won't be alone in rooting for Ashland's own Jeremy Guthrie to make a good showing when he starts for the Kansas City Royals in tonight's Game 3 of the Fall Classic.

That's not just hometown pride talking, either. This city owes Guthrie a debt of gratitude for his generous gift of $650,000 to the campaign to resurface Walter A. Phillips Field with artificial turf.

Guthrie, 35, a 1997 graduate of Ashland High School, was a valedictorian and a three-sport athlete who attended Brigham Young University and then Stanford. The Cleveland Indians drafted him in 2002, and the hard-throwing right-hander later pitched for Baltimore and Colorado before being traded to the Royals in 2012.

Guthrie is now a veteran, but this year marked his first post-season appearance after 11 seasons.

His generous gift to the field project may make it possible to get the work completed in time for the 2015 football season. Phillips Field is the last 6A or 5A school in Southern Oregon without artificial grass, and the need to preserve the natural turf from damage means it can't be used by other teams and groups during football season.

The donation will benefit the entire community, not just the Grizzly football team. So, thanks to Jeremy Guthrie, and — at least for tonight — go Royals!