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Our View: Keeping the lid on

Those of you planning to cut loose tomorrow night in the town known far and wide for its Halloween revelry: Plenty of police will be waiting in case things get out of hand.

Ashland has developed a reputation over the past decade as the place to be on All Hallows Eve. It all starts with the costume parade through downtown in the afternoon, followed by trick-or-treating, dance performances, science demonstrations and more.

That's all family-oriented and Chamber of Commerce-approved — although some especially gruesome costumes have drawn criticism in past years because they might frighten small children. It's the alcohol-fueled adults who take to the streets after dark that have police geared up and ready.

Ashland's small police force will be bolstered by reinforcements from Talent, Phoenix and Medford to put 30 uniforms on the streets. The goal is to prevent a repeat of past Halloweens when thousands thronged the Plaza and dozens were arrested amid an atmosphere of vandalism and violence.

To be clear, problems have steadily diminished in recent years after police stepped up their efforts. And we have no reason to think things will get out of hand tomorrow. But  this year, the holiday falls on a Friday night, which means more people who don't have to go to work or college classes the next day. The last Friday Halloween, in 2008, resulted in 37 arrests.

Have fun and enjoy the costumed merriment — but keep it peaceful, please.