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Letters to the editor

Don't tax medicine

We do not tax medicine, so it seems wrong to tax medical marijuana. Go ahead and tax recreational marijuana, as that is a luxury, but do not tax a necessity usually used primarily by the elderly who are in pain.

M. Williams, Medford

Missing the big picture

In response to Ms. McFeaters’ conclusion that voters “haven’t a clue” about the nation’s problems because we “elected a passel of Republicans,” it occurs to me that she likely suffers from the human failing known in psychology as the fundamental attribution error (look it up). Although the issues she cites as important certainly are, the more pressing issues have to do with survival itself: to save the faltering American economy and to protect Americans from attack by terrorists.

Instead of attributing stupidity to the voters, I would suggest she consider the hierarchy of needs voters responded to. It makes sense when you see the whole picture.

Bob Waldo, Medford

Block that noise

Now that there are contests between football stadiums to make more noise, the result is that one cannot hear the announcers. It is therefore necessary to enclose the announcers' booth in glass, which can include a mechanism to "let in" noise when desired.

Bill Story, Central Point

Beaten up again

The voters in Southern Oregon have been beaten up by the big cities and unions again! For years, election day for many in Southern Oregon has been disappointing. What is really sad is how many people say "what's the use?"

My wife spent a lot of time on the GOTV effort. Dennis Richardson did well, but at times it seems almost impossible to beat the cities, unions and non-productive people.

John Kitzhaber, now that you have skated through another election, how about doing something positive for Oregon and its productive people throughout the state?

Ron Lindvig, Medford

How long to recover?

It was stated in Friday's paper, Nov. 7,  that John Boehner defended an unnamed newcomer Republican (Who was it? "A really solid member," according to Boehner) who said that family members of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings should just get over the experience.

What a stupid thing for anyone to say. How long would it take for you to recover if your 7-year-old child were murdered by a crazy maniac with a gun? A) one month, B) one year or C) one lifetime. The answer is C.

Don Heath, Medford

Environmental disconnect

After being given the "award for ignorance" by Paula Perez Costas for "cherry picking" data to show that global warming is a farce, I would like to point out what environmentalists seem to consider acceptable.

Currently the San Francisco Bay Bridge construction is stalled due to environmental concerns for "endangered" birds, and is costing $30,000-plus per bird or $30 million extra due to environmentalists.

Another story regarding the Ivanpah solar mirror farm in California, built with $1.6 billion of taxpayers' money, that is scorching an estimated 28,000 birds per year. I guess the environmentalists don't consider them "endangered" since using the sun to make electricity makes it acceptable to create "streamers" as the burning birds are called due to their smoke trails.

Regarding the same solar farm, the investors, Google being one, are asking for a $500 million bailout from taxpayers since they realize the project is a money pit with payoff (to them) maybe never being realized without more tax dollars.

Also, it apparently has been decided by environmentalists that slicing birds, including bald eagles, with windmills is OK.

I sure hope they are walking the talk and walking to work and presenting a very tiny carbon footprint.

Jeff Fox, Medford