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Sawyer gone, but still around at ABC

I must have missed something. On the Channel 12 News at 6:30, Diane Sawyer used to be on. Now it's another nice gentleman. But I was wondering where Diane Sawyer has gone.

— Barbara R., Phoenix

Yes, Barbara, you did miss something. but you weren't alone: Diane Sawyer announced this past summer that she would step down from her role as anchor on the ABC World News desk. (Channel 12, KDRV-TV in Medford, is the local ABC affiliate.)

Despite the announcement, her departure was rather sudden and missed by many others. Neither she nor the network announced a departure date until she tweeted on Aug. 27 that it would be her last day as anchor. (You weren't checking your Twitter account, now were you, Barbara?)

She's not leaving ABC, but stepping aside to do reporting for major interviews, specials and events. By all accounts, it was her decision to make the move.

One reason for the departure, it now comes to light, could well have been the health of her husband — the famed stage and film director Mike Nichols. Nichols, who won an Oscar for directing "The Graduate" and received an astounding nine Tony Awards for his theater work, passed away Wednesday at the age of 83.

Sawyer has been an anchor on  “World News” since 2009, taking over for Charles Gibson. Before Gibson, Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff were co-anchors and Peter Jennings was the anchor for two decades until 2005.

Sawyer's departure means there are no female anchors on the three major network news shows. She was replaced by David Muir, who previously served as the weekend anchor for ABC World News and co-anchor of the ABC newsmagazine 20/20.

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