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You got pups? We got paper

I need paper for my pups pen and have difficulty getting enough to keep them in a clean environment. Do you have waste paper in the form of either printed or non printed paper that could be acquired?

— Erich, by email

Erich, you are in luck, that is if you show up at the right time and right place at the Muddy Tributary's back door. As you can imagine, we go through lots of paper over the course of a week in producing the newspaper. We're not talking sheets of paper or reams of paper, but truckloads of paper delivered on rolls that weigh tons. As those giant rolls are pulled onto the press, they wind down until they are a mere shadow of their former selves. But even in that reduced state, the remains, called end rolls, contain a significant amount of paper (but light enough to easily carry).

Once a week, at 1 p.m. on Thursdays, we dispose of the end rolls by giving them away. You can get them at the loading dock to our press facility, which is on Fir Street between Main and Sixth streets. But a word to the wise: They are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so showing up a tad early is probably a good idea.

The paper from those end rolls is used in a variety of ways: art projects at schools, packing material for people on the move and, yes, liners for dog crates (let's see the Internet do that). The end roll material is preferable to printed pages — which we don't keep on hand to give away — because it's clean paper, with no ink to rub off on human or beast.

Good luck with those puppies, Erich, and thanks for the photo, which we're sharing with our loyal SYA readers.

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You got pups? We got paper