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Measure 92 recount shows little change in Jackson County

A recount of more than 85,000 ballots in Jackson County turned up a handful of extra votes in support and against a measure that would require labeling foods that contain genetically modified organisms. The net result was 10 additional votes for the measure.

Statewide, the mandatory recount in the 28 counties that have reported so far has done little to change the outcome of Ballot Measure 92, which needs to gain more than 800 votes to pass. The largest counties remaining to be counted are Clackamas, Lane and Douglas.

In Jackson County, the recount added up to 46,424 in favor, up from 46,405 in the initial tally, and 37,626 opposed, up from 37,617. That represents an increase of 19 yes and nine no votes.

According to the Jackson County Elections Center, the extra votes had been incorrectly calculated as undervotes.

The deadline for recount results is Friday, and the final tally for Ballot Measure 92 is expected to be certified by elections offiicials early next week.

Ballot measure supporters filed a lawsuit Monday claiming 4,600 valid votes were rejected during the statewide recount that's underway because their signatures did not match the signature on file. The supporters asked for a restraining order to stop certification of the final results until those votes are counted. A Portland judge denied that request Tuesday.