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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 15, 1914

One of the coldest December days in the weather annals of the Rogue River valley came Monday, when during the night the mercury dropped to 21 degrees above zero. All day the temperature fluctuated between 23 and 26 degrees, a range of but three degrees, unusual in itself. At 2 o'clock Monday afternoon, usually the warmest part of the day, the temperature was 23 degrees above.

At 1 o'clock today the temperature was 31 degrees, with a slight moderation. The sun stole out from behind the fog banks, but its rays gave no warmth and the prospects are for another cold night, with a rising temperature.

The valley is covered with frost, and every bit of twiggery has a coat of silvery white. The air has a distinct nip in it, and is characterized by "still cold," there being no breeze. Ice formed on puddles in the streets and water users used extra precautions to prevent water pipes freezing. No calls have been received by the fire department for fires due to overheated stoves.

N.D. McDowell, who recently returned to Medford after two years in southern California, tells of the transformation of Owens County, Calif., from a howling desert to a rich, progressive agricultural community through the magic of the beet sugar industry. Sugar beet plants worth $7,000,000 are installed now in that county, and land that once could not be given away now brings from $250 to $350 an acre. The industry gives to Owens County a continuous payroll and employment, and its development has been one of the industrial romances of the west.

Naming of the committee to have charge of the campaign to secure acreage for the beet sugar factory is still unselected. W.H. Gore having charge of selecting announcing today that it would be made at a meeting to be held the middle of the week between members of the Farmers and Fruitgrowers Leage and F.S. Bramwell representing the beet sugar interests. Most of the committee has been secured, but a couple of vacancies thereon are yet to fill.

It is the intention of the committee to proceed slowly at first, and select committeemen who have a whole-souled interest in the beet sugar factory, the same as a general would select his aides in battle, and avoid having any lukewarm citizens in the ranks.