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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 27, 1914

To the Public:

On behalf of the Associated Charities I wish to thank the good and kind people of Medford and valley for their helpful kindness to us during the Christmas season, and the ladies of the Country Club for their splendid tree Thursday afternoon, and the many beautiful and generous things they did for the little ones of the city, who otherwise would have had little, if anything to remind them of Christmas day.

The spirit of the Master is not to give everything to our neighbors across the sea, but to first take care of the little ones, the needy ones, at our own door, and after their needs have been met, to pour our charities into the laps of others, whether Belgians or any other nationality that the present war has impoverished.

Our appeals for help have been generously responded to, and we have been able to help about 60 families and have found them deserving and grateful. We have found that both husbands and wives and older children are anxious to work, and would rather work than appeal for help.

Continue to Work

It is our aim and desire to continue this work through all the 365 days until another Christmas. Our aim is to follow up the days succeeding Christmas with the relief for the poor and destitute that is just as necessary on other days as on Christmas Day, and which humanity may forget to give, not through hardness of heart, but because of the rush of other events and interests that crowd in after Christmas...