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Letters to the editor

Put pipeline in Canada

The Saskatchewan portion of the Bakken fracking fields, all in Canada, need developing, and provide a straight line for a Canadian pipeline to West Coast Canadian ports.

If there is no noticeable environmental impact, why not go across the wide open Canadian prairies, tunnel under Canadian rivers, use eminent domain on Canadian citizens?

If there is no environmental degradation, it should be an easy sell to persuade Canadian governmental officials that a 50-foot-wide swath cutting across their open prairies to the Pacific through the picturesque Canadian Rockies would be a huge monetary benefit to Canada and its citizens. Why fight the huge number of American citizens and the many U.S. government officials who are opposed to this monster?

Why not build, with their hundreds of millions of Canadian dollars, a Canadian shipping port and a huge Canadian power plant? Just think of the jobs and Canadian money lining Canadian pockets. What an easy sell that would be to their Canadian countrymen.

I suggest this as a viable alternative which we in the United States should wholeheartedly support.

Otis Swisher, Medford

Lowlife jewelry thief

To the lowlife who stole my jewelry from our bedroom while my husband lay dying and breathing his last breath, I hope you rot in hell.

Donna Lehnhardt, Medford

Thanks for the coffee

Mrs. Linda Van Buskirk and I wish to thank the Good Samaritan firefighter who paid for our coffee drinks at 11:15 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 5, at the Human Bean coffee stand at Barnett and Ellendale. The firefighter drove off without identifying himself or herself. Mrs. Van Buskirk and I are Medford Police Department volunteers, and we were in a specially marked patrol car at the time.

Gene Jones, Medford

Richardson fell short

Regarding your reported comments by Dennis Richardson that Kitzhaber had unfairly won the election with votes he had not "earned," Mr. Kitzhaber (who I did not vote for) got 84,688 more votes than Mr. Richardson (who I also did not vote for). Perhaps if Richardson had done more to earn his votes, enough of those 84,688 voters who went for the incumbent would have put him in office.

Ed Cooper, Shady Cove

Kitzhaber questions

Two questions come to mind regarding Governor Kitzhaber's recent resignation. The questions are: After months of silence by the media and state politicians, why did everyone suddenly decide that Kitzhaber is now unfit for office; and, what does Kate Brown's sexual preference have to do with her qualifications for governor?

Four months ago, when Dennis Richardson was running for governor, anyone who was paying attention was well aware of Kitzhaber and his live-in girlfriend's legal woes, and yet he managed to get elected anyway in eight out of 36 counties. not a word from his Democrat pals until now, so for the next two years we are stuck with Brown, a far left Democrat, who apparently has coveted this job for quite some time.

In news announcements across the country, it was announced that Kitzhaber had resigned, and his replacement would be the "first openly bisexual governor in the nation." When Scott Walker recently won the governorship, was it announced that he was the 44th heterosexual governor in Wisconsin? Why should we care about Kate Brown's sexual preference? Sounds like a double standard.

Dom Fontana, Medford