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Oversold monster truck show leaves fans out in cold

CENTRAL POINT — Hundreds of monster truck fans were turned away from Saturday night's monster truck show at The Expo, creating confusion and prompting police to be called to the scene.

Eagle Point-based Monster X Tours' performance sold out, but tickets were apparently still dispensed even after Compton Arena's 3,200-seat capacity was reached.

Reports of fans skirting the gates and jumping fences prompted Jackson County Sheriff's deputies and Central Point police to respond.

"It was a matter of (the promoters) overselling tickets," said Sgt. Jeremy Whipple of the Jackson County Sheriff's patrol. "No crimes occurred and there were no arrests made or anyone cited. We were just there to observe and make sure nothing happened."

Tony Maderazzo, Monster X Tours' chief operating officer, declined comment Sunday, referring questions to Danny Torgerson, owner of Monster Truck Entertainment since June 2010.

Torgerson did not immediately return a phone call or message on a social media site.

 A Friday show and two Saturday shows were all sold out, according to the Jackson County Fairgrounds' Facebook page.