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Our View: No need for blame in Hannah Thomas-Garner case

The police were right.

Now that Hannah Thomas-Garner has been found safe and reunited with her family, that's the only definitive statement anyone can make about the three-month saga. Many will wish to speculate about Hannah's motives without knowing the truth, but that benefits no one. The important thing is that she is safe.

Hannah disappeared after attending a party off Dead Indian Memorial Road on Nov. 30 along with a fellow Ashland High School student, Sylvia Davis. Davis was found within days in Petrolia, Calif.

Ashland police investigators said they determined that Hannah, Davis and a third girl had planned to run away. The third girl backed out of the plan and stayed behind. Police continued to follow leads, but never wavered from treating Hannah's disappearance as the case of a runaway. 

Family and friends insisted that Hannah could have been abducted and demanded that police treat the case as a criminal matter. Attention centered on Hannah's car, found abandoned and damaged near Mount Shasta, Calif., with her cellphone inside but with the SIM card removed.

Police maintained that evidence indicated Hannah ran away and took steps to cover her tracks. In the end, they were right.

We don't fault family and friends for wanting more action from police. Nor are we inclined to blame Hannah without knowing her reasons for leaving and not contacting her loved ones.

Hannah and her family will sort out those issues, and they should be left alone to do that.