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Forest Service fire truck found crashed after theft

CAVE JUNCTION — Authorities are continuing to investigate the theft of a firefighting truck, two ATVs, 10 chainsaws and other items from the U.S. Forest Service facility in Cave Junction last week.

The Josephine County Sheriff's Office was notified of the theft on Friday morning. The truck, worth $122,000, was found crashed on private property along Caves Highway, close to town. It had run over fences and struck a log, and was abandoned with all of the doors left open.

The truck was discovered by residents Amy Lapora and her husband, who woke up Friday morning to find their fence had been broken and their driveway ravaged overnight.

"We saw the damage on the property and were like, 'OK, that's weird,' " she said.

Lapora said her husband went out with the dogs to investigate, and found the truck.

She said the damage to their property wasn't that bad, but that the incident was disheartening.

"I think there's just a real feeling out here — most of us are really good people — there's just a few folks that want to take advantage of the current situation," Lapora said. "Personally, I hope we get some more money to fund law enforcement so we can get the quality of life we deserve back."