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Region in for another hot week

After back-to-back record highs recorded at the Medford airport on Friday and Saturday, the mercury retreated Sunday.

Although forecasts earlier in the week had called for more of the same, "monsoon moisture" settled over the valley, creating a barrier until late in the afternoon.

As a result, Sunday's high was a respite of sorts for the Medford area as the high topped out at 95 just before 5 p.m., as clouds dissipated and dry air moved in from the west. Friday's 107 degrees broke the 2006 record of 105 degrees for June 25, and Saturday's 104 high surpassed the 2003 mark of 100 degrees.

"When you block out the sun, you can't heat up the ground that efficiently," said Charles Smith, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. "Sometimes the numerical models don't pick up on things that are so far out. When you get monsoon moisture like this, that's how you usually get a thunderstorm."

The Weather Service radar reported a few light showers in the Cascades, but most everything was farther east. There was some lightning reported in Lake County.

After Monday, with an anticipated high of 95 degrees, triple digit temperatures will resume, building to 111 degrees on Thursday.

"We're going to have a nice upper level high (pressure system) pushing air down and warming things up," Smith said.

Although there is a chance of thunderstorms this week, dry lightning is a bigger concern, as small low-pressure areas produce small storms.

Smith said the warm, dry terrain will continue to build up heat.

"Statistically, the hottest days are in late June and early August," he said. "Right now we have air flowing over stuff that is much warmer than average."