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Ten things you should know about Oregon's new pot law

Today marks the first day recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon. Here's what you need to know about the new law, passed by voters last November.

1. You must be 21 to use or grow marijuana.

2. You can grow up to four plants per residence, but they must be kept out of public view.

3. You can possess up to 8 ounces inside your home and 1 ounce outside your home. One ounce is enough to roll about 40 cigarette-sized joints.

4. You can use marijuana only in your home or on other private property. Public use is illegal.

5. You can share or give away pot, but you can't sell it — recreational marijuana sales won't be legal until the Oregon Liquor Control Commission starts licensing retail outlets in January 2016.

6. Driving under the influence of marijuana is still illegal. Police departments will use drug recognition experts to determine whether a driver is impaired.

7. You can't legally take marijuana over state lines, even to Washington, where it's legal.

8. You can't sell marijuana to minors. You might face a felony charge if you do.

9. You can make marijuana edibles at home or receive them as gifts, but you can only consume them in private.

10. Pot is still considered a Schedule 1 illicit drug under federal law, meaning it's still banned on college campuses and other facilities that receive federal funding.

Mail Tribune / Bob Pennell