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Letters to the editor

Confederate fantasies

In his homage to the Confederacy, which alleges that secession was an attempt to escape “oppression and arrogance,” letter writer Ron Smith seems to have ignored more than a few significant facts:

  • Secession statements from most confederate states cited slavery and the expansion of slavery to new states as the issue leading to secession.
  • All Confederate states practiced chattel slavery where human beings were bought and sold like dogs in a puppy mill.
  • When black Union soldiers and their white officers were captured by the Confederacy, they were summarily executed.
  • After reconstruction when federal soldiers left the south, thousands of blacks were slaughtered in the old Confederacy in an attempt to get them back to a properly servile status.
  • Only in the south were blacks systematically denied the right to vote.
  • Lynchings, without consequences, in the old Confederacy continued for nearly 100 years after the end of the Civil War.
  • While atrocities and racism against blacks occurred in every state, only in the old Confederacy could these actions be considered as organized terrorism by whites against blacks.

Mr. Smith is entitled to believe whatever fantasies he chooses. The facts, however are distressingly clear.

Ken Chapman


Please return our frog

To the person(s) who took the large stone frog from our front yard on Arden Circle, we would appreciate its return. It was a present from my brother 27 years ago. I/we do not know how you lifted it as it weighs 70-80 pounds. My husband usually has to move it with a hand truck.

We hope every time you look at it, you will feel guilty.

Marilyn and Leo Kimm


The path to destruction

 Over the last 50 years the progressive and liberal movement has steadily chipped away and altered the cultural and moral landscape of the United States. A number of progressives:

Believe they have the right to do and have whatever their hearts desire, without considering negative impact on themselves, society and the law of nature.

Believe selfish ambitions and sinful behavior are OK.

Posses tolerance with beliefs that agree with theirs, but are intolerant to counter beliefs.

Chose the road of life that is easy, popular and careless because it lacks in faith, convictions and morals.

History has proven over the ages that societies that believe and do whatever their hearts desire and are against moral and biblical truths are eventually destroyed by their behavior. It is inevitable that the way the United States is going, it will occur here one day.

Judgment day is coming. Keep in mind that there is only one true Lawgiver and Judge, the one that is able to save and destroy.

Marty Koval

Eagle Point

Lee's wise words

I was born and raised in the South and attended Washington & Lee University. To those who would wave or display the Confederate flag, I offer the words of Gen. Lee, Robert E. Lee, the most respected rebel. When asked by a woman after the Civil War what she should do with her Confederate flag, Lee said, “Fold it up and put it away.”

In response to Ron Smith (Mail Tribune 7/3/2015) and others who can’t let go of the Confederate past, Lee would say, as he said over 150 years ago, “Madame, do not train up your children in hostility to the government of the United States. Remember we are all one country now. Dismiss from your mind all sectional feeling, and bring them up to be Americans.”

An anti-slavery Republican president was elected 155 years ago, whereupon southern states seceded to protect their state “right” — of slavery. They lost. As Robert E. Lee would say, let’s move on.

David Beale