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Letters to the editor

Lee's wise words

I was born and raised in the South and attended Washington & Lee University. To those who would wave or display the Confederate flag, I offer the words of Gen. Lee, Robert E. Lee, the most respected rebel. When asked by a woman after the Civil War what she should do with her Confederate flag, Lee said, “Fold it up and put it away.”

In response to Ron Smith (Mail Tribune 7/3/2015) and others who can’t let go of the Confederate past, Lee would say, as he said over 150 years ago, “Madame, do not train up your children in hostility to the government of the United States. Remember we are all one country now. Dismiss from your mind all sectional feeling, and bring them up to be Americans.”

An anti-slavery Republican president was elected 155 years ago, whereupon southern states seceded to protect their state “right” — of slavery. They lost. As Robert E. Lee would say, let’s move on.

David Beale


Punish climate destroyers

Climate change is real. Climate change is happening now and it’s time to stop coddling the professional liars and financiers who knowingly spread disinformation in the climate change denial campaign, and prosecute them for treason and involuntary manslaughter. There is a term for their crime — ecocide. We have laws on the books to punish people whose lies contribute to the death of others — it’s called involuntary manslaughter.

June 2015 was the hottest on record in Medford,  “with previous records being destroyed by 4 degrees Fahrenheit,” said a forecaster for the National Weather Service in Medford. "Considering that only 1 degree separates the 10th warmest June and the second warmest June since 1911, 4 degrees is amazing. Twenty-one days reached 90 degrees or greater, with five 100-plus days and six daily records, including the all-time highest overnight low temperature of 76 degrees."

June topped out at 107 degrees. Already July has seen 107 degrees.

We won’t begin to stop global warming until the industrial capitalists and their minions who are profiting from the burning of fossil fuels are brought up on charges before Nuremberg-like courts.

John Anastasio


Events deserve coverage

In response to Bruce McLaren's letter titled "Amazing" on July 7. I disagree, sorry. The story coverage of the new "pot" laws as well as the stories of the new same sex marriage rulings of the Supreme Court and Oregon Legislature are important, historical happenings in our lifetime and I applaud the Mail Tribune for its coverage and explanations of the laws, etc.

Sorry Bruce, it's really not all about you and what you want, there are thousands of others who do care.

Patrick L. Socia

Central Point

Why are fireworks OK?

Here is a radical thought — Jackson County as well as many other counties in Oregon are under drought conditions and have been officially declared so. So why are we still selling and using fireworks here?

Driving home from a party on the Fourth of July we noticed several people using fireworks on dry areas and hoped no fires would start.

Please consider a ban on sales and usage of fireworks. The firework displays in town should be enough to satisfy the demands. Please be smart and safe — let's call for a ban on home use of fireworks. I know our overworked firefighters would thank us.

Arlene Aron