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Letters to the editor

Forget the wolf program

Mail Tribune, July 5: "Due to a dwindling budget, ODFW must increase fes to keep programs running." Mail Tribune, July 4: "Wolf kill investigations by the ODFW; they try to get an investigator on the site within 24 hours of a possible wolf kill."

How many hundreds of thousands of dollars does the ODFW spend on investigating wolf kills? "Ranchers feel the ODFW is not doing enough to confirm wolf kills." Who pays the rancher for wolf-killed livestock?

The ODFW closes fish hatcheries for lack of funds; they cannot afford warning devices for the Lost Creek hatchery, so tens of thousands of smolt die. Ludicrous! Forget the wolf program, they should put all of that money and personnel into hunting habitat and fish stocking. A lot of sportsmen agree.

Nothing will change until we contact our representatives and have this stop. This is not why we pay for license and tags. Protect your heritage.

Leroy F. Moore

Eagle Point

Confederate flag symbols

Regarding the argument of the Confederate Battle Flag and whether it is a symbol of pride or of racism: The Confederate Battle flag that we are accustomed to seeing was never the official flag of the Confederacy. It was, however, used by the Confederate army, most notably and perhaps only by Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia.

The common use of this flag did not pick up in popularity until the early 20th century. During the WW II era, many military units also adopted this flag. It is only after WW II, in 1948 with the Dixiecrats, that its use as a symbol of racism cannot be ignored. The Dixiecrats used this flag as a rallying cry for segregation.

Arguments can be made that the South was justified in protecting the use of slavery and trying to secede from an Imperialist North that wanted to gut the Southern economy; so too can arguments be made that the South was refusing to remove slavery as an economic option.

Hopefully this brief look into the history of the flag helps some individuals understand why it is seen as both/either a racist symbol or symbol of southern pride.

Lyra Sinclaire


Why not sue God?

If a bakery in Portland, Ore., can be sued and bankrupted for not waiting on a homosexual couple, I wonder why they don't sue God? He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

Bob Casebier


Stop violence mentality

Guns and weapons of today are far different than those of our founding fathers. Weapons of war belong on the battlefield, not in our backyards and neighborhoods. Gun safety is more than limiting gun sales and prohibiting dangerous individuals from owning firearms, it also includes education. Gun violence is all too prevalent in the media and video games. Our most vulnerable citizens, our children, are exposed to harsh violence in video games, movies and television. They also have too easy of access to firearms and unlocked weapons.

Today we have the opportunity to make a difference. We need to enact meaningful legislation to change the mentality of the country in terms of firearms, gun safety and war.

We are done watching children sent from school to the morgue. We are done watching churchgoers sent from their places of worship to the hospital, and we are done watching our loved ones injured in altercations with law enforcement.

If we decide as consumers to prohibit media engrossed on guns and violence, if we preclude sales of guns in our community, even if we encourage our legislators to endorse more stringent laws and legislation on gun policy, we can make a difference.

Gregory T. Christensen