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Mail Tribune 100

July 21, 1915


In the arrest of John Austin Hooper, a parole violator from the California state prison at Folsom, at The Dalles, the local police declare a two months search for the daring crook who robbed the bank of Rogue River has ended, and that the man suspected from the start is in custody. Hooper's picture is in the possession of the Medford authorities. Suspicion was first directed to him when a wanderer told the authorities of a plot he overheard to rob the bank. Before Hooper could be taken into custody, he committed the robbery and fled.

The robbery of the Rogue River bank was consummated by throwing ammonia in the face of Cashier Reeser , who has since moved to Minnesota.

Hooper is also held on suspicion of being the man who robbed the Southern Pacific depot at Grants Pass, and a general merchandise store at Hornbrook, Calif., securing over $2,000 in gold dust and money at the latter place. He is also wanted in connection with two street car hold-ups in Portland.

Hooper spent several days in this city before the robbery of the Rogue River bank. He is about 30 years of age, wears glasses, and of average height. While here a card was received from Folsom saying that he was wanted for violation of a parole. He was serving a life sentence of highway robbery. It is not known upon which charge Hooper will be tried, or whether he will be sent back to the California authorities.


At the regular meeting of the city council Tuesday night action upon the application of the Rogue River Public Service corporation for an electric franchise in this city was delayed until next Monday, when a special session will be held to consider the matter. It was suggested that council postpone action until September, but was overruled. The council is held in restraint by the forthcoming decision of the federal court on the California-Oregon Power company suit, and the ruling of the state railroad commission on the rates. Any action they may take before the decision will be nullified by an adverse decision of the court.