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Letters to the editor: Nov. 2, 2015

Turning the tables

One can easily turn the tables on Michael A Long's letter titled "America has been sold" (Oct. 27). Use the same premise he used and just change a few key words.

I bring you George Soros, owner of MoveOn.org and the Democratic party.

I’ll take the Koch brothers over Soros. Just look up the biographies. You’ll understand. Soros wants to fundamentally change our country. I’ll take capitalism over socialism. It’s what made this country great. History shows that socialism fails.

Do you want government elites controlling your life? I’ll take the freedom that our founding fathers gave us.

Larry Schmaltz

Eagle Point

Dutch had it right

It turns out that in the 17th century the Dutch passed an ordinance banning "able-bodied begging" on their city streets (Simon Schama, "The Embarrassment of Riches," Page 19). The Dutch were apparently experiencing the same problem with panhandlers that the city of Ashland is now facing.

To my mind, this signifies that the Dutch were a very enlightened people. The very term "able-bodied begging" speaks for itself. Moreover, I take issue with the view that these people are exercising their "free speech." Free speech is what we define it as. You're not allowed to yell "fire" in a crowded theater. On the other hand the Supreme Court tells us that money is a form of free speech (though I disagree). It all depends on how you define it. To this writer, able-bodied panhandling is not free speech.

You've got to hand it to those Dutch, they were a very enlightened people, not afraid to exercise their common sense. Of course there were a lot fewer lawyers in those days, too.

Barry Trowbridge


Normal double standard

Proposed building projects and developments must conform to standards and criteria set forth by the city of Ashland. The project must demonstrate the impact it will have on the surrounding community. These include: light, dust, noise, water and sewer, infrastructure such as roads and sidewalks.

The Normal Street project fails in all categories. And as I understand it, the developers will not be required to pay the system development fees, which are quite substantial.

The Normal Street project would result in greatly increased traffic and congestion. Why this double standard? Follow the money.

The people responsible for this project, the ones making the decisions to allow it, typically, most of them will be gone in 10 years, and we will be left with the result.

Neil Stewart


Their true colors

During the CNN debate, only one candidate, Jim Webb, identified his enemy as a non-U.S. citizen, a Viet Cong. The others, following the president, named U.S. citizens or organizations. No wonder Mr. Webb does not recognize today's Democratic Party.

Jim Webb was the only candidate who told the truth to Bernie Sanders when he informed him his brand of Democratic socialism, with a history of failure, high debt, essential rationing and economic destruction, cannot pay for the freebies Sanders wants to bestow on his subjects in his fantasy socialist Utopia.

The Senate Democrats recently showed they treasure the well-being of illegal alien felons over the safety of U.S. citizens by refusing to end aid to sanctuary cities.

Comrade Clinton, relying on Marx and Engels in supporting class warfare, stated the wealthy do not pay their fair share in taxes. Who will decide who the wealthy are and what their fair share will be? Perhaps Madam Secretary with millions stashed in trust fund accounts?

The day following Madam Secretary's congressional testimony, she received a warm welcome at a Women's Democratic Party Leadership Conference, showing that truthfulness and integrity are not virtues held in esteem by Democrats.

Mitchell Rofter