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Letters to the Editor: Dec. 11

Protecting women

I would like to take issue with Bloomberg View's opinion concerning the conscription of women. They are confusing equality of opportunities, which is a good thing, with the notion that there are or should be no differences between the genders, which is obviously untrue, both physiologically and culturally.

When the ship is going down, women and children get put in the lifeboats first, and we men may comfort ourselves that we give preference to the women and children because we are so brave and handsome (whatever helps us to accept going down with the ship) but the simple truth is that we men are expendable, and our women and children are not.

This is why our militaries are predominantly male, because as men if falls to us to put our lives on the line to protect our families and our communities. It is not because we men are better or more ferocious warriors than women (we are not!). The nurturing, feminine spirit (while not always a function of gender) is important to the nourishment and health of our future generations and must be protected. The hand that rocks the cradle shapes our future. Nothing is more important than that.

Preston Moser


Thanks for generosity

As a volunteer at St. Mark’s Food Pantry, I would like to thank the following foundations and businesses for their generous contributions that enable us to provide food to local families.

Rogue Disposal & Recycling, The Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation, Carpenter Foundation, Chaney Family, West Family and Anna May Family Foundations. These donations allow us to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and other basic foods.

By taking part in the Medford Food Project we receive a share of the food that you may have placed in your green Food Project bag.

A recipe book produced by one of our volunteers has been printed by Insta Print in Medford.  Bagels are supplied by Ahuva Bagels on McAndrews Road.

St. Mark’s parishioners supply non-perishable foods every month.

For these, and many other donations of time, cash and food, we are extremely grateful. To each and every one, we say "Thank you" for your generosity.

Rita Shale

Eagle Point

An American fascist

We are watching the emergence of an American fascist. Monday night, Donald Trump offered up the latest version of what Deutschland went through in the last century. It is time for us to stand up, left, right, libertarian and center, to condemn this vision.

There are reasonable differences between R's and D's, but that Republicans, party nor candidates, have not condemned it while enabling this insanity is disgusting! Stand up, speak out!

Rob Hirschboeck


I'll keep my gun

Sensible gun control? What does that mean? If I’m a woman and my ex-husband ignores the restraining order, and is going to kill me, and New York won’t let me have a gun, what’s sensible? I must have a right to defend myself, my loved ones and my property.

If you look at the numbers, there is no gun problem. Fifty-five percent of people die from old age, 5 percent die from accidents, 0.43 percent die from gun homicide, 0.82 percent from gun suicide and 0.02 percent from gun accident. You are much more likely to die from the side effects of a hospital stay.

It would be great if nobody died from guns, but you have to balance that with our right to own a gun. Most mass shootings are in "gun free zones," in areas that have many gun restrictions (France and California). Nobody does a mass shooting at a gun range. And, how many criminals will have guns, regardless of the law?

Unless the people that want to take my gun away can guarantee that the bad guys won’t get guns, and that the police can respond in under two minutes, I think I’ll keep mine.

Larry Fields